Group Project

Group Project makes data-driven technology to change the way that people and companies fit together. We’re building for a future of work where smart business means putting talent growth and inclusion first.

Our mission is to empower people with a smarter, dynamic management model that starts with understanding who people are and what they can do, and then creates the right team at the right time to get the work done.

Our data-driven tools and services help leaders adapt to ever-changing business needs,  while putting people first.
Whether you're looking for a first step to refine how you handle talent decisions, a way to understand what your people are capable of and what kind of work will engage them, or a way to set project teams up for success - we'll give you the tools and actions you need to get your people working at their best.

Lateral Labs

I'm on the founding team at Lateral Labs, a global innovation agency dedicated to divergent thinking and rapid problem solving. We're a group of hybrid thinkers who believe that the future of work will come from connections across disciplines - from combining diverse perspectives to discover fresh ideas. The future of work is in the unknown - and will be invented by those who transcend barriers to find new ways of thinking.

The Great Task

I cofounded a dialogue-building project in the fall of 2016. We released a dialogue toolkit before Thanksgiving 2016, to help Americans have positive, productive dialogue about the recent election and the big questions facing the country.


I was the VP of Product and Operations at Buster, a transportation marketplace startup bringing the charter industry's complex data online for the first time. While there I helped bring that totally offline sector onto the web and make it smarter, modeling its data and improving upon the industry’s existing dynamics with algorithm design.

In early 2016 I designed and released the first fully-automated conversational itinerary builder in the transportation industry as part of a complete product overhaul. My concept-to-release product leadership product management, UX/UI research and planning, and design management. I also led marketing and operations, designed Buster's people operations strategy from the ground up, and once pretended to marry my coworker Ben for our marketing materials. My time at Buster informed my outlook on the future of transportation, which I presented at TEDx New Bedford in the fall of 2016.

Google News Lab

I was on the founding team of Google's News Lab, which collaborates with journalists and entrepreneurs to build the future of media. We united efforts from across Google's products and teams to support innovative journalism through Google's technology and resources. Our projects spanned from tools training to cutting-edge data journalism partnerships, and were founded in my team's earlier work on Google+ tools.


I led onboarding of the top 200 US media outlets onto the Google+ social platform from its early days. As the Google+ platform matured, I worked with top news outlets (The New York Times, Vogue, NPR, Mashable, et al.) to create innovative reporting projects with Google+ tools. I also created the first enterprise toolkit for Google+ publishing. Click on each image to see published project deliverables.