Sally is a systems thinker and a humanist, working on the systems that shape how we work to make them actually work for people. As the Founder of Group Project, she designs data-driven and human tools that transform workplaces by putting talent first. She’s driven by the belief that when every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential, both employees and organizations thrive.

Sally learned to code at a tech-focused high school, and applied the systems design principles she learned from software to people. In work at Google and elsewhere, across strategy, management, operations, marketing, partnerships, and product, she has studied structures that shape behavioral dynamics, determining how people make decisions, collaborate, and get things done. From performance metrics to marketing narratives to teams, she has designed models that encourage ideal behavioral outcomes, and bend to human diversity.

Sally was a founding member of one of Google’s Lab teams. While at Google, she picked up the company’s algorithm-driven culture, its culture of always building new data tools, and its best-in-class people operations.

After Google, at transportation marketplace startup, Buster, she helped bring a totally offline sector online, modeling its data and improving upon the industry’s existing dynamics with algorithm design.

She created Group Project to do the same thing with workplaces. To bring a real-life black box - the talent make-up inside companies - online, and design smarter dynamics from that wealth of new data.

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