Sally thinking smart thoughts

Sally Simms

Sally is a systems thinker, people person, and tool-builder, working on the systems that shape how we work, to make them actually work for people. As a product leader, she has deep experience simplifying complex data landscapes into simple, usable, lovable tools for consumers and business users.

Sally is the founder and CEO of Group Project, a software company that makes data-driven tools to understand your team's abilities, and bring out their best work every day. Group Project's tools give employees a voice about what they can do, empower every manager to be a great manager, and help leaders make smart, data-driven decisions about their people.


Sally was a founding member of Google's News Lab, where she built and managed relationships with top media brands, working across Google’s products. While at Google, she picked up the company’s algorithm-driven focus, its culture of always building new data tools, and its best-in-class people operations.

After Google, as VP of Product + Operations at transportation marketplace startup Buster, she helped bring a totally offline sector online, modeling its data and improving upon the industry’s existing dynamics with algorithm design. She led the design and launch of a new consumer experience for that industry - the first conversational travel planning app.

She created Group Project to do the same thing with workplaces. To bring a real-life black box - the talent make-up inside companies - online, and design smart tools for employees, managers, and leaders to do their best work, powered by that new data.